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You might not need shadow DOM

23 April, 2020 • ⏱ 7 min read

When talking about webComponents, people tend to think that shadown DOM is a requirement. In fact, that is a misconception and if you don´t need shadow DOM, you don´t use it. It is not tied to webComponents and can be used by itself.

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Using the url for state with Angular

29 February, 2020 • ⏱ 6 min read

We often forget that the browser has a built-in state container readily available to us, the url! In this post i´ll cover a simple use-case for storing filters in the url.

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Form-associated custom elements

01 July, 2019 • ⏱ 5 min read

Custom elements like complex multi-selects or datepickers won´t get picked up by a parent form element during form submission, but why is that?

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